Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor Swift

This week I missed the radio show that Kyle does due to the Taylor Swift concert.  Kylie and Melissa love her and wanted to go so Kyle bought a bunch of ticket when they went on sale last May.  I like her songs too and she puts on a pretty good show.  In 2009 we went as a family in Las Vegas when Uncle Brady had a lot of tickets and we were at Lake Mead with their family for Memorial weekend.  We made Kyle, Tyler, and Alex with us and I would say they barely lasted through the whole concert.
Taylor Swift Concert 2009
Kyle at Taylor Swift Concert 2009

This year Melissa and Dawson came and then Melissa brought 2 friends, Kylie brought a friend, Aunt Julie and her 3 girls Kali, Taya, Mylie, and I brought Helen who graciously sat through it next to me.  Melissa and Kylie really love it along with 14,000 other girls in the audience who were quite loud!

Kali, Taya, and Mylie
Caitlyn, Jenn, Melissa, and Dawson
I guess this is "I heart Taylor Swift"
Morganne and Kylie

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