Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mission Call

It seems like we have been waiting a long time for this time to come.  Almost all of Alex's friends have already gone on their missions so he has been a little bored without them.  With his mission papers in we were excited to get his call in the mail to see where he would be spending the next 2 years.  We decided to wait until Kyle could be home from work so it was 8:30 pm when he finally open the papers.  He invited friends over and the parents of some of his friends who are serving already.  He is called to serve in the Auckland, New Zealand Mission.  He leaves October 26th and it is an English speaking mission.  He will stay 3 weeks in the MTC in Provo and then fly to Auckland.  He was really excited to see that it was New Zealand.  He has some great Polynesian friends and loves the people.  This is such a great place for him to go!  I cannot tell you how very proud we are of him and his hard work!  Thanks for everyone's love and prayers on his behalf.

Pre-party for Mission Call Opening;
Linda Query, Tyler, Kaela, Alex, Brady, Jason, Kylie, and Trevor
Kaela, Brady, and Alex's friends
Skye, Sheri Olsen, Toba Essig, Tyler, and Alex
Jaclyn, Thomas Thorup,
Kaela, Dawson, Helen, and Terri
Family waiting for Kyle to arrive
More texting and more waiting
Kyle finally arrived and we are gathering for the moment.......
Kyle the only one missing-Hurry!
Reading out loud his mission call
Alex and Melissa pointing to his official mission call!

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