Saturday, July 27, 2013

PAC 12 Meetings 2013

Kyle and I decided to leave for the PAC 12 meetings a couple days early and stop in New York on the way.  We left early Monday morning and after we arrived and checked in our hotel we went to see what Broadway Play we could go see.  Phantom of the Opera was playing near by so we went to that.
Tuesday we got up and went to Carnegie Deli for lunch.  Kyle loves the pastrami and corn beef sandwich that the Deli is famous for.   It is enough meat for 4 sandwiches.
I have said before, we love walking in Central Park.  So after lunch we walked for hours around the park and we still have only been around half of it.  We found this beautiful lake right in the middle.
Then we found the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We walked around inside there and realized you could spend days and days in there and still not see it all.
Inside the Met
Tuesday evening we took the train to Hartford, Connecticut where we checked into a hotel there for the Pac 12 meetings the next morning.  The ESPN headquarters are in Bristol, and the coaches had a full day ahead of them.  
Wednesday morning I met with the wives that were there and we all got into a limo for a 2 hour ride to New York.  We had a full day planned for us that I was really excited about.
Stephanie Sarkisian, Layla Kiffin, Megan Helrich and our host Jamie (pink tie)
When we arrived in New York we went to the Meat Packing District and enjoyed a private trunk show of Izaac Mizrahi.  
They had clothing, watches and purses to choose from. 
After the trunk show we went to a Broadway Play with our host Jamie

 While I was having a wonderful time with the other wives in New York, Kyle was doing the ESPN "Car Wash" media day. 

After the wives went to Pippin, we went to the best place to eat called Beauty & Essex.  It was so unique and had the best food ever!  It had a small plate menu or appetizer like menu.  I don't know how to describe it.  When we ordered 17 items for 5 people I was not sure what we were getting into.  They just said to each pick 3 items that looked good.  Each plate they brought out had 5 mini items of whatever was ordered.  Needless to say, eating all these little items presented adds up to a huge amount of food at the end of the meal.

Those donut holes on top are filled with Nutella, so good!  Grilled Cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings.  Onion rings.  We had many more items, all of them so good!  Such a fun time with the wives.  We got back in the limo and headed back to Hartford.
Thursday morning, our host Jamie, took us to the local YMCA and taught just the 4 of us a ZUMBA class.  It was a first time doing ZUMBA for all of us.  Jamie has danced on Broadway so his class had a Broadway theme.  After the class we took a flight to LA.
Stephanie, Megan, Layla, Me.  Of course it is the only picture and my eyes are shut.
Flying PAC 12 Style.  North teams on one plane and South on the other.
Catching a nap.  
Friday morning Kyle and the other coaches went to the Sony Studios and did their media things.  The wives went to a spa and just a little shopping.  Layla Kiffin went home to her house when we arrived yesterday but Kori Shaw from Stanford and Kate Dykes from Cal joined us.  Another great day for us from the PAC 12.
At the spa we could choose a facial or massage.  They served us a great lunch there too.
Then finally home to our family.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lake Powell Vacation

This year we decided to stick with a simple vacation to Lake Powell with the family.  Kyle and I grew up going here with our families and it remains one of our favorite things to do.  There are several areas of the lake to go to but this year we decided on Wahweap in Page, Arizona.  
Kyle, Jackson, Alex, and Tyler
Dash, Melissa, Kyle, and Kylie at the marina
Alex with Dash

Melissa and Dawson
Dawson, Melissa, Mylie, Taya, Kali, Kylie, Jackson, and Alex at marina getting treats
Mylie, Dash and I on the beach
Kylie ad Melissa
Kyle checking out marina menu
Cliff jumping-Kylie, Kali, and Dawson
Tyler back flip

Kali, Mylie, Taya, Ryan, and Jackson ready for a tube ride
Tyler has skills
The weather is hot and the sun shines bright.  We love being together as a family.  This place holds many memories over the past 40 years for me.  No place else I would rather be!
Until next year...........

Monday, July 1, 2013

Montana Vacation

This years summer vacation started off with a great trip
to Deer Lodge, Montana.  Our host was John Adams,
a good friend of Kyle's from his childhood in California.
We drove the 7 hours in a mini van.  We brought along cousin Jason
and Brady's family.  We had to pick Kylie up from cheer
camp in Ogden on our way.
Kyle, Tyler, Alex, and Jason
This is how Kylie travels
We stayed in this beautiful home
This was right out the back door
Jason, Kaela, Kylie, Kaity, and Kristi played around by the golf course
Brady, Tyler, John Adams, Kyle, and Alex golfed
John Adams and Kyle

Terri, Brady, Tyler, Kyle, and John at Terri's birthday dinner
L to R is Kaity, Kaela, Jason, Alex, Kristi, and Kylie at Terri's birthday dinner
Beautiful ride up the mountain with everyone
During our 4-wheeler ride we stopped at this little lake
Kylie and I when we stopped by a waterfall
Tyler on the rope swing we came across on our ride

Alex rope swing

Alex rope swing

Even Kylie did the rope swing
One thing about staying at a place in cattle country is you will see plenty of cattle around

The cousins played in the pool.  Kaela, Kristi, Kylie, Kaity
Transportation was golf carts which the girls took out every minute they could
It was beautiful country and a great trip!