Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 27th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Kyle and I today.  The years have flown by and the kids are almost all grown up.  It went to fast!  Many times over the years we have celebrated at various Bowl Games.  This year our Bowl and Christmas were both over.  So we went to the new Reese Witherspoon movie.  Not so good movie but Kyle enjoyed watching Reese. 
We went to dinner at Market Street Grill by our house.  I am watching my weight so I did not have too much.  Then we went up to the Marriott hotel where the team stays when in town.  Kyle got us a room but we were unsure of if we would make it all night with Kylie home alone and Alex having a curfew.  So we ended up staying a few hours then of course had to head home.
It was another great anniversary!
Before going out to dinner

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holiday's 2010

It is great to have Tyler and Melissa at home for the holidays.  I miss having everyone under the same roof all the time.  I always spend the last minute before Christmas getting the shopping done; maybe some year I will overcome that.  On Christmas Eve we all went to Brady’s house for the annual Nativity reenactment and dinner.  My dad, Matt and Christy joined us.  Dinner was Potluck.
Tyler was not sure he wanted to dress up for the Nativity but everyone told him that until he was married he had to participate, so he did.
Nativity 2010
Nativity 2010
Christmas morning Kylie was the first one up at about 9:00 am.  So we woke everyone up and got started.  
Kyle Christmas Gift
Tyler Christmas Gift
Melissa Christmas From Kylie
Alex Beatles Gift
Kylie Christmas Gift
 After all the gifts are opened and the Rich Family Sticky Buns devoured (two trees this year), and so we do our annual go up to the office and work out and sauna.  Everyone usually goes in the past but I think Tyler and Melissa skipped out this year.  Times are a changing that is for sure!  It was a great Christmas overall!  We are very blessed!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

We left for Las Vegas on the morning of Dec. 18th.  There were two chartered planes with players with any who had a wife and/or children, coaches and their families on the planes.  It is all a well organized process of who is to arrive when and getting checked in and loaded on the plane.  It is separate from the main Salt Lake International Airport.  So the process is not too bad.  Seats are assigned and they give you a bag with some breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of day.
After we arrived we got our room assignments.  Getting everyone to their rooms with all our luggage is a lot harder in Las Vegas.  The hotels are so busy and we are not the only ones there, like on a regular game trip.  We had a nice suite with two connecting bedrooms.  This helps our family with all the family around.  It gives them a place to gather and sometimes hang out.  
View from our room
Alex after getting to his room-first things first
Some of the Whittingham group did not arrive until Sunday, the second day.  We took Alex to the Beatles "Love" show.  Kyle has a connection with a friend of his dad, Gene Kilroy, who got us some good seats.  Cary, Tyler, Alex, Kyle and I went.  It was a great show, love the music!
After the "Love" show

The next day I went with Kyle and the team to a lunch with both Boise and Utah there and they could pick out their Bowl gifts.  It was at the Hard Rock Cafe.  First Kyle went and met the media.
I can't imagine having all those microphones and cameras in my face!
Kyle with the Media
The next day we got to go to another lunch with the teams and Kyle met with Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit and their producers about the upcoming game.  Who knew all this stuff went on before the game?  I went because Kyle likes me to go with him and I was going to the luncheon.

Then at the lunch, Kyle had to sit on the podium and then speak.  The Boise coach was there too, along with some of the Bowl committee.
While we were doing all of this, our kids, with their cousins, went to see some sights.
M & M Factory
Ashley and Alex
Ashley, Elvis, and Melissa
Alex loves the Beatles!
Kyle speaks again, the day of the game, to the Boosters.
More speaking
Utah vs Boise State

Tyler warming up
Tyler and Alex talking it over
After the game with my girls
Bowl games are always a fun time with the family.  It makes great memories for us all.  Kyle works so hard at home and at the Bowl games.  I appreciate all he does for our family!  There are so many meetings, meals with the team, lunches and dinners that he has to think about and go to.  I am sure it is not as fun for him as it is for everyone else.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting Ready

I am not really good at organizing my November and December months.  They come so fast every year, when the football regular season ends it seems like the holidays are suddenly upon us and I have no Christmas shopping done.  Every year I think I will never do this again.!
The tree got put up by Kylie and I.  We put up  the rest of our minimal things for around the house.  We even managed a few lights outside.  I knew we were going to be in Las Vegas from Dec. 18-22, I did not want to do too much since we would not be home a lot.  We did get some snow before we left, which it makes it seem more like the holiday's to me.
Utah was going to the Las Vegas Bowl and play Boise State on December 22, 2010.  Boise State has done very well for the past 10 years probably.  They have been to BCS games just like Utah has.  So I knew it was going to be a challenging match up.  Utah had not lost a Bowl game in 10 years.  Kyle spent time getting ready for the game with practices and he also had recruiting meetings going on and all sorts of things.  Coach John Pease decided he did not want to coach another game, he was done.  So he did not even want to go coach in the Bowl.  He was just tired of  and not feeling well.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Year Older

The older I get the more I don't look forward to another birthday.  It manages to come again no matter what I wish for.
Kyle and Kylie woke me up with breakfast in bed.  It really was breakfast for 3 people.  It was a fun surprise and started the day off great!   
Alex got me the cute cookie (below) and had them write on it.   He calls me Mamma sometimes, so that sounded so like him.  Tyler and Melissa each gave me gifts too.  Great kids I have!  They made this birthday fun.
Kyle had recruits in for the weekend, so after work they had dinner at Ruby River that I went to with all the recruits and some parents.  It was a great day!
Breakfast in bed

From Alex

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December as usual

Well the regular football season has come to a close, ahhhh!  Now Kyle is busy with recruiting, practicing and planning for the Las Vegas Bowl.  I don't see him a whole lot more than the regular season.
When it comes to Christmas shopping for family and friends and decorating the home for the holidays, I am in charge.  Kyle abhors shopping of any kind, he always has.  So in all ways good and bad, I get to do it all myself.  As long as it is not overdone he has no criticism of what I do.  He is too busy to help anyway.  The crowds over the weekend were awful so I have resorted to online shopping the past few days.  To try and simplify things for myself I am going by the following moto this year:

.Something they want
.Something they need
.Something to wear
.Something to read

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kylie Braces Off

Fresh from the Orthodontist.  Finally the braces are off.  What a beautiful smile she has!  I remember wanting mine right back on after years of seeing only silver, the white took some adjusting.  She looks great!