Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bye Week Saturday

I don't know how the football team or coaches feel about the BYE week but I love it!  I get to see my husband a little bit more than the never usually seeing him all season. This morning Kyle woke up and said let's ride our bikes to Snowbird Ski Resort. Now I have not ridden my bike in a few years.  I do workout with the Coaches Wive's 3 times a week and do a lot of walking.  I knew this was a big task because Kyle had done it with Tyler before and I had heard how hard it is going up 4000 feet in elevation over approximately 10 miles from our home.  I had ridden about 1/4 the way with Alex before.  I just thought if I put it on the easiest gear and go slow that I could do it. Well, I was wrong, so wrong!  This was the hardest thing I have every done physically over such a long period of time (2 1/2 hours just going up)!  I seriously don't know what I was thinking.  Let's just say I made it all the way to Snowbird but over those 2 1/2 hours I had plenty of time to think, comparing my misery with different situations in life.

We did stop for 3 water breaks along the way, about 5 minutes each.  Kyle kept
saying we can turn around any time but I was determined although I thought I
was dying!

I realized what a great companion, husband, and friend that Kyle is!  He of course could of made it in half the time by himself, but every time I thought I could not go on or the hill was even more steep, he would ride along beside me and put his hand on my back pushing me along.  He said he was barely helping me but every time it helped me through the difficult area and to keep going. He encouraged me, complimented my mental toughness I did not think I had, and helped me the whole way.  I hope that I am the same for him as he goes through his day to day life and being a Head Football Coach.  That I am there for him when the times are tough, encouraging him and helping when he thinks he can't go any farther.

I also noticed that when I looked up ahead and I would see the steepness or the turns that continued to come, I would think I could not go on, that maybe I was not going to reach my goal of making it all the way to Snowbird.  But if I just kept my eyes on what was just ahead of me it was easier to keep going.  I related that to football games, how we just need to take them one at a time and not think ahead to the whole season schedule.  My dad always used to say the quote  "By an inch it's a cinch, by a yard it is hard".   So I need to stay focused on the day and not think about the week, month, or year.  Some days I have to focus on just making it to the next moment!
By the time we got home Kyle was still full of energy!  I don't get it because my legs were so dead I could hardly walk.  I felt awful and just wanted to lay down. I am proud I made my goal but don't think I will be doing it any time in the near or distant future!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Player's and Coaches Wive's Party 2014

 Another great kick off to the season with the Coaches/player's wives and families.  Sitake family is the best to let us have our parties at their home all the time.  Best yard of all time!  We had the best potluck foods and I appreciate everyone contributing.  So fun to get to know everyone!

Front to back L to R:  1st row Helen Buchanan,  Candi Hicks, Meredith Harding, Joi Alaimalo, Leah Sharitt, 2nd Row Samantha Moeai, Brittany Fanaika, Heather Van Orden, Georgia Stubblefield, Kaylee Dale, Brittany Rogers, Timberly Sitaki, Viola Tuiaki, Maegan Orchard, 3rd Row Megan Phillips, Susie Christensen, Morgan Nielsen, Katherine Bockmann, Connie Corbett, Janice Whatcott, Amy Hambrick, Kim Whittingham, Melissa Kent, Kylie Whittingham, Jamie Whittingham


Monday, June 30, 2014


The month of June was very full of all sorts of activities.

 Father's Day putting contest by car light
 It was Tyler and I against Alex and Kyle
Let's just say I held Tyler back from his usual greatness!
Comforting Max and saying good-bye to him.
Utah Football Families BBQ in the great Sitake back yard!
Timberly and Kalani did all the food, boy do they know how to do it right!
 Brighton High School Cheer Camp
I chaperoned for 24 hours at Brighton High School Cheer Camp with Kylie
 Attended Jason and Kim's wedding
All the Whittingham cousins except Ashley and Sam at the reception

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Max - 15 years with the best dog ever!

One of the hardest things we have had to do is make the decision to put our beloved dog to sleep.
Max has been with our family for 15 years.  He has been a great dog and served us faithfully.  He loved to run after a tennis ball, have his ears scratched, play tug of war, and just be in the room with those he loved.  He would follow me around until he could no longer walk up or down the stairs. He was well loved and we will miss him incredibly.

Alex leaving on his mission and hoping Max lives until he gets home.
The night before, family gathered to say good bye

Alex slept by him his last night
Alex saying good-bye
He was so miserable, he just let us hold him and love him until the end. Alex held him until he was gone.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

Memorial Weekend the whole family went to St. George, Utah where the weather was warmer and there was Sand Hollow reservoir to go boating on.  Fred came with us and brought a friend.
5 hour drive following the truck and boat

Mexican Fiesta
Nielsen's Frozen Custard is the family favorite!

Alex giving Kylie great encouragement
Alex wake surfing
Tyler has the most water skills in the family
Parking was tight so the boys just picked up this car and moved it a foot or two to give us room
Our hiking trail was not for the faint of heart!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Under Armour Weekend

We were lucky enough to be invited again to the Under Armour Hospitality Weekend with Head Coaches and their wives and Athletic Directors from Under Armour schools.  Kyle and I are one of two couples who have been going to this event the longest, this was our 6th year going.  I think there were 8 couples the first weekend we went.  Under Armour has grown so much I could not begin to count the people there.  There were couples from the schools, athletes, famous people, and the wonderful, hard working people who work for Kevin Plank who remember us every year.  So it is a fun filled weekend!

We stayed at the Four Seasons right here on the right and UA offices are across the water on the left.
With all the people who attend we are taken place to place on these nice buses
Hot air balloon rides if you choose
Just love seeing the property around Sagamore Farms where Kevin Plank keeps his horses
They put on a wonderful spread of food-shrimp, oysters, tacos
BBQ brisket, corned bread, beans-anything BBQ you could think of

Under the tent party going on

Photo Booth

As we were leaving the party guess who we ran into arriving at the party.  Kyle was wearing his favorite shirt. Lucky photo opportunity!

Kyle with Mike Tyson

The morning after the big party is the day of the Preakness.  They bring us back to Sagamore Farms for a deluxe breakfast under a tent.  Everyone is dressed for the day at the races. We get to go see some of the horses and watch some of the warming up for the day.

We had breakfast with Norm and Diane Chow

Unlimited choices for breakfast

Those people who want to start their day for the race out right, you can start right at 10 am!
My favorite part is seeing the horses.  This one loved me, wanted me to take it home!
Closest I could get Kyle to the horse
2 years ago Kyle met Willie after Duck Dynasty had just been on the air 1 month.  Times have changed for them!
Jessie Palmer from ESPN
Julio Jones was just a freshman at Alabama when we beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl
Herm Edwards (ESPN/Coach), Steve Mariucci (Coach/NFL Network), Kyle
Kyle with Colin Powell
Yes this is Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB,  I never would have guessed.  Just a regular looking guy to me.
We never usually bet on anything but at the last minute I put $20 on California Chrome to win.  Made $15.  Hope he wins the triple crown!

6 AM flight to get us home to our family.  Great week!!