Thursday, July 26, 2012

PAC-12 Meetings 2012

This year for the PAC-12 meetings we went and stayed at the 
Universal Studio Hotel in Los Angeles.  They invited all the coaches to bring their kids.
Tyler and Kylie came with us, and Rachel and Kristi, cousins, were able to come too.
We left early Monday morning and flew from SLC to LA airport.
We saw our friend, Austin McNabb, at the airport as he was leaving on his mission. 
We were so glad to see him and say good bye as he left for 2 years.
Austin McNabb and his companion with Kyle, Tyler and Kylie.

We went straight to Universal Studios by way of a Baja Fresh for lunch.
Kylie, Rachel, and Kristi
Love this food

Tyler, Kylie, Rachel and Kristi having fun at Universal Studios, VIP passes.
Thanks to the PAC-12 for the VIP passes that day, the lines were so long and it was hot!
We were able to go to the front of the lines for the rides or shows.
 Kyle's favorite part about the pass was the 25% off from the food we bought! 
Rachel, Kylie, Kristi, and Tyler on the Revenge of the Mummy Ride
On Tuesday, Kyle had meetings, interviews with media, and a dinner.
Tyler saw an old friend and the girls and I went to the pool and shopping.

Wednesday, after Kyle finished around noon, we went to Santa Monica Beach.
Tyler, Kyle, Rachel, Kylie, and Kristi on Santa Monica Pier

On the Pier.  It is not often I get a picture taken with my kids!
The funnest part of the day for me was when Kyle rented us bikes to ride.

 Kristi, Rachel, and Kylie at the airport going home.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Daniels Family

I has been years, 20 years, since we have been all together.  Darsi and her family are not in town so they are not in this picture, so we still did not totally succeed.  I still view it as a wonderful reunion,  it was so good to visit and see one another.  Melissa, Dawson, and Alex were missing from my family too.  So I look forward to the time we meet and everyone is there.  Dad was filled with joy over the whole get together!
Jamie and Phil, who is so happy!
The whole gang in Brick Oven
Daniels Family

Friday, July 20, 2012


While we were in Hawaii, we had Kaity and Terri tend Max and Dash at their home.
Max 13 years old and Dash 8 months old
By the 3rd day we were gone, Max became very sick and we did not know what was wrong.  
Terri had to hand feed him on the 4th day and carry him out to the bathroom.
She took him to a local vet who did many tests and xrays but could find nothing wrong.
On the 5th day Cary said it was just like the symptoms that Cindy, his dog, had when she got
really sick a couple years ago and was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.
Terri and Brady took Max to a Veterinary Hospital in Sandy, Utah just in time.
Max was very sick
The Doctor said he hoped Max would make it through the night.  They were going to treat him for Addison's Disease.   Melissa, Kylie, and I were all crying and so sad.  Sad that we were not there with Max, we did not want him to die.  We prayed really hard for him.  I called the hospital throughout the night to check on him.  Luckily he hung in there, he stayed in the hospital over the weekend on IV fluids as he improved. 
Melissa was able to get him from Terri's house a few days later when she got home.  For Addison's Disease he will receive a shot of Percorten once a month, and a steroid pill every day for the rest of his life.
Melissa and Max
We are so grateful to Terri and Kaity for taking care of our little guys, and for the loving care they gave.  If we could not be with Max when he was sick, I was so glad to have Terri caring for him.
Max is doing better now than he was before we left to Hawaii.  He has more perk in his step.  We are grateful!