Thursday, September 15, 2011

Candy Bars/Radio Show Day

The giving out of Candy Bars after the Thursday practice is something the players really look forward to and count on.  I found this out when I pulled up a few minutes late today and I heard Helen telling the players there was no Candy Bars today (she had not see me yet).  I could hear all the moans and groans of disappointment.  Then they came off the practice field and saw me carrying the huge basket out of the car so they ran over.  I have taken to buying the candy in bulk unless there is a good sale at the grocery store.  I used to get candy bars 4 for a $1 but that is no more.  There are a 100+ players and then the coaches and equipment guys like to take one too.  Some players have their favorites so I try to remember to have some specific items.
My candy supply
Last week Alex opened his mission call so I did not come to the radio show, we just waited forever for Kyle at home.  This week we are all back to support Kyle, listen to the show live, and get some good eats.
Kyle at the Radio Show with Bill Riley
The same dedicated fans come every week plus a few new ones
The Spaghetti Factory is there with some of their best items.  Fred and Kyle with Drew Johnson in the back.

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