Sunday, September 11, 2011

Utah at USC

Utah 14    USC 23

The best way for me to handle the stress of the season is to go day by day, moment by moment.  So I really did not think too much about this game until we got to the stadium.  Some of the wives were able to come on this trip for their wives trip so that made it really fun.  Our immediate family all came too, no high school games or important activities at home, so that always makes it a great family experience.
Charter flight with football team
Most people on the flight try to snooze so it is pretty quiet.  Dawson sleeping, Melissa reading.
After we arrived in LA the wives went right to dinner while the team was at their dinner and meetings.  There was a California Pizza Kitchen right on the next block.
Melissa, Sara Hill, Suzie Silvestri, Timberly Sitake, Helen Buchanan, Me, Ashley Chapman, Kylie
The next morning Helen, Ashley, and I (other wives all had babies with them) went on a walk, we did not go to far from the hotel but we did stop by the Staples Center and had our picture taken on the red carpet that was being set up for the upcoming Emmy Awards.
Helen and Ashley
Me, Helen, and Ashley on the red carpet just a couple weeks early
5 Whittingham's on the TV screen at one time.  Brady, Tyler, Kyle, Alex, and Fred
Our seats were kind of the outer end zone. I did not know you could go that far. 
I forgot my glasses so they looked like ants to me.
The game was my favorite kind, nail biter to the last seconds (Ha!).  If we had made the field goal with 11 seconds left it would have gone into overtime.  I kicking game is not the best this year-yet.  Instead the kick was blocked and USC ran it back for a touch down.  It was 17-14 when we left the stadium and 24-14 when we woke up the next morning.  I guess the touchdown was official from the blocked kick.
Kylie and I on the plane ride home

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