Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candy Bars and Radio Show

Hard to believe it is time again for Candy Bars for the players and the Radio Show.  Kyle has been back to work for long hours for a month now so I guess I am ready for the games to begin.  Tomorrow is the first game with us in the PAC-12!

Players meeting at the end of practice before they come and get candy bars
Radio Show for 700 AM at Trolley Square
Kyle working hard at practice

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Sunday Evening Together

Today Kyle had to go and record his TV show for tonight but other wise we had a great day.  With Tyler, Alex and Kyle together they decided we should go to Brighton High School and hit some baseballs.  Melissa and Dawson were with his family for dinner so they were not there.  For the rest of us, it was like old times.  I have shagged many baseballs over the years as the boys take turns hitting to the out field.  When the boys were younger and playing baseball, we would do this every Sunday.  It is one of my favorite memories. Tyler had 2 home runs and Alex had 4, so they were hitting pretty well.  It was a beautiful evening. 
Kyle hitting fly balls to Tyler and Alex
Kyle, Tyler, and Alex picking up all the baseballs 

 Tyler catching Kyle's pop-ups

 Alex running to catch Kyle's pop-up
Kylie and Alex running to catch the pop-up

Tyler pitching to Alex

Kyle, Alex, Kylie, and Tyler getting water at Brighton Baseball Field

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fan Fest 2011

Every year before the football season starts the University has what they call "Fan Fest".  Athletes from all sports come to the football stadium and the fans come and can talk to them and they have games and things to do.  The football team always comes at the end because of practice.  They have a group of players there with Kyle to sign auto graphs. 
Jordan Wynn, Luke Mathews, and Kyle signing autographs
Kyle with some small fans
Melissa with a darling fan getting autographs

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Party, Party

Celebrating Tyler's birthday this week we went out to dinner a few times.  First we went to PF Chang's on his actual birthday.  Gael was leaving in a few days for Canada so she was able to join us, and Helen was also invited.  Then Fred came to town a few days later and was taking Tyler to Benihana's for his birthday, so of course the rest of us joined them too.  Cousin Jason, just home from his mission a week, was able to join us for both dinners.  We enjoy going out to eat together.
Kyle, Jamie, Dawson, Melissa, Jason, Helen, Gael, Tyler, and Kylie
Tyler, Fred, Kyle, Alex, Jamie, Melissa, Kylie, Dawson, and Jason

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tyler Through The Years

Our cute little guy, Tyler, has been fully grown for a long time now.  Today he is 26 years old........... where does the time go?   Don't let that sweet, young, innocent face fool you, by 10 years of age he had things all figured out.  Tyler knows just how to hit my buttons to tease me, pull all kind of jokes on me, and make me go a little bit crazy.  I think it has been one of his favorite things to do since he figured out just what would work.  I was so gullible, I fell for his jokes every time, which I am sure is why he got so much joy out of it.  Tyler is a hard worker.  He helped his dad put in a whole yard and sprinkler system when he was just 8 years old, working 9 hours a day.  He loves boating and worked hard on learning how to do a flip on the wake board with our old boat that didn't have a tower and  had a huge wake.  He loves football and has worked hard since he was a boy to always do his best and play in little league, high school, and college.  He worked hard for 2 years serving the people of Brazil and teaching the gospel on his mission.  We love you Tyler and are so proud of the great person you have become.
        Tyler and Grandpa Fred in their tuxes

Melissa, Tyler and Grandpa Fred

March 1992
Tyler, Melissa, and Alex Lake Mead 2000
Kyle and Tyler road their bikes to Snowbird without stopping when Tyler was 16 years old
Tyler doing his flip
Kyle and Tyler after Brighton game Senior Game
Kyle and Tyler before mission

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Whole Day Off for Kyle

Today we had the pleasure of Kyle being with us all day today.  The Utes just finished their two-a-day practices for this fall season.  The 18 hour days for 2 weeks is very draining on the coaching staff, players and their families.  So it should get a lot better compared to that.
Coaching at Practice

 Kyle talking with the Team

We went down to Pleasant Grove this morning to hear Jason Whittingham give his mission homecoming talk.  Then we went to Lynita's house to have some great food she had prepared for everyone.  Trevor came home a month ago,  so it is nice to have them all home together.
Trevor with our family at  the airport
Jason with our Family at the airport
Drew and Ruth came by Lynita's house (they live close by) so they could tell us good bye.  They are leaving for Ohio tomorrow and will be living there.  I always hate to say good bye.  Their little family is so cute and Dustin is the cutest little boy I have seen in a long time.  Ruth is really good at blogging and I love reading her adventures.  So I will still be able to follow their family that way.  We will miss having them close by.
Dustin, Ruth and Drew Dowling

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Players and Coaches Wives Party

Today is the last day of 2-a-day practice for the players and the coaches.  I had all the wives over to my house for a little get together.  Janice Davis and her husband Tim (OL) have returned to the staff at Utah.  Tim was a coach here and we are happy to have them back.  Chad Kauha'aha'a (DL) and his wife, Lena, also are returning to Utah to coach.  Chad is a former player at Utah.  Norm Chow and his wife Diane are new to the staff but she is still living in California, so we didn't get to visit with her.  Most of the players wives are young and haven't been married for too long.  Some had new babies.  All the kids were invited as well. The wives brought desserts and salads and I bought some pizza from the Pie Pizzeria.  With only 3 coaches wives and 1 players wife unable to come, I think we had about 45 including all the little ones.  It was very casual and was a great way for all of us to get to know each other better.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Megan Fagergren, Jenny Fitzgerald ,Whitney McNabb
Adriana Finau, Aila Finau (2 yrs) and holding Nelli Reilly (4 mo old), Kylie Robles, Taft Tobles (1 yr)
Angelina Lotulelei with Arilani (2 yrs), Adrianna Finau with Nelli Reilly (4 Mo) and Aila Finau (2 yrs), Infant seat is baby Finau
Janice Davis, Rhea and daughter (Khiani) McGill, Ann Argust
Ashley Chapman, Brandie Rudy, Liz Scalley
Toe'umu Moala, Janelle Tongaonevai, Malvina Aiona, and Jessica Riley
Tori Tui'one holding Calia Tui'one, and Toe'umu Moala 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

One of Our Favorite Pastimes

We have not had enough boating this summer, not enough time to go to Lake Powell.  Everyone in our family enjoys going boating as much as possible.  It has been a great family activity and a memory maker for all of the Whittingham's and for me as a young girl with my family.  I have gone to Lake Powell every summer for as long as I can remember.  The wedding was a good reason to not have time this year.  We did make it to the local lakes a few times at least.
Kyle and Ashley
Kylie wake boarding

Kyle, Kylie, Fred, and Rachel relaxing on the boat

Alex, Melissa, Tyler, and Kyle at Lake Powell