Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Mother's Birthday

Today would have been my Mother's 83rd Birthday.
This picture of my mom hangs down at BYU with all the other
Homecoming Queens.  She said her life began when she got to
college.  She loved her experiences there.  At BYU is where she
met my dad. And what a wonderful thing that was!   
This is me with my mom when I was about 8 yrs old (1968)
I was so blessed with a mother who was always kind and 
thoughtful to everyone.   
She would never speak an unkind word about anyone.  
She was a great wife, mother, and friend.  

Mom was a wonderful cook, she loved talking about food,
sharing her knowledge and recipes.  She gave many 
cooking demonstrations over the years.  
As much as she loved cooking, she loved to feed 
people and received so much joy in sharing her 
delicious things she made.   
She just looked so darn cute!
I don't think she ever came to visit me empty handed.  There
was always some yummy item she brought, out
of her freezer or freshly made.  She made some of the best 
muffins I have ever had! She also shared her baked goods with many neighbors and friends.  If you ever had an chance to have a 
meal at her table you would enjoyed something made with love.

Me, Darsi my sister, and Mom
I am so grateful for a mother who showed me her strength, her courage, her selflessness, 
and for her unconditional love for me.
I miss her so much, sometimes it seems unbearable.  
How lucky I am to have had a mother like her!  She was so beautiful inside and