Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah vs Washington

Utah 14   Washington 31
If only you could win every football game that you played, you expect to win every game.  When you lose a game it is never fun, no matter the opponent.  Living through the ups and downs of life with a football coach is hard for anyone to understand who has not lived it.  So much time and emotion is put into the job.  It is something you live, not just a pastime.  Our family is very involved and supportive of Kyle, so what he feels, we feel.  So when you win it makes everything better!
Brady (black hat), Tyler, Trevor, and Alex (glasses) in their lucky spot
I always love the chest bumps
Kyle is just so cute so matter what he is doing!
Kyle doing post game press conference


  1. Best looking coach I have ever seen! OH! That's my nephew!! ♥ツ♬♩♪♩♬

  2. It was a rough one but I have faith that our Utes will pull through and win the next one. After all, they do have the best coaches in the country!!!