Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bye Week

This past weekend was a Bye Week for Utah Football, that does not mean that anyone has a week off.  Except me, from bringing candy bars and going to the radio show.  Kyle went and taped his show for The Red Zone that is on Sunday nights.  Alex went with him just for fun.
Two very handsome guys!
Assistant coaches went out recruiting and Kyle went on Friday night to some in-state games to watch.  (He took me along, I think, so he could drive in the commuter lane.)  We went to the Lone Peak/American Fork game and the Lehi game.  It is different being at a high school game if you are not watching your own son play or your daughter cheer and it is not your high school so you don't know anyone.  The drill team was selling freshly made scones with maple frosting dripping from them.  They must sell a lot because they were walking in front of me with a new batch every few minutes, smelled heavenly and they tasted delicious (Kyle bought me one to make up for me being in the stands while he was on the sidelines). 
High School Game

Kyle flew out on Saturday morning to go see to see a couple high school games in California.  So I took him to the airport and he came home Sunday morning.  He is spoiled and likes to not have to park the car and take the shuttle in, so I drop him off and pick him up at the doors.

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