Friday, August 31, 2012

Utah vs Northern Colorado


First football game of the year, Utah played at home against Northern Colorado
It started at 5:15 so I just waited for Kylie to get home from school at 3:10, 
she changed her clothes and we left.  There was some traffic, more than years past.
Brady had a nice tailgate going for the coaches wives.  I dropped Kylie off there with Melissa
and Dawson, they handed me a great quesadilla and a delicious chocolate chip cookie to go.
Brady and Melissa at the tailgate
I went and put tickets on will-call for people and then went down on the field and met Helen there.  
It was not long before President Uchtdorf and his wife Harriet came down on the field.  Some one invited them to sit in the Presidents Box that night.  He came on the field pre-game because he
wanted to get the feel of the game.  So he took a lap around there shaking people's hands at he went.
We also got some pictures with them. He and his wife and so very nice.
Dawson, Melissa, Helen, Kylie, me, Harriet, and President Uchtdorf
President and Harriet Uchtdorf, Kyle and Jamie Whittingham
Melissa, Dawson, and Trevor
Jason Whittingham #53
Jamie, Mandi, Kylie, Helen, Melissa post-game
Kyle in Post-Game Media Interviews
The game was a great game for the first game of the season.  We were expected to
win so it is good that we did.  I think I always talk to much to people around me  I am assuming that
is because I am a little more relaxed.  I just take it all in on the first one.
After the game the family waits for Kyle.  We usually go into the Press Conference to listen to Kyle.
Then we try to make our way out of the place.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Radio Show - ESPN700

Last night Kyle had his first radio show of the season.
This year it is being held at the Harmon's downtown, east of City Creek.
I thought the set up was great and will be wonderful when the weather gets colder
and we can all be inside and stay warm.
There was a decent crowd for the first show of the year.
The player guest was Luke Matthews.
Harmon's was very accommodating and they were giving away gift cards
to the store in a drawing.
So it is going to be a great year for the Utes!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Keeping it in the Family

Jason Whittingham #53
It is so fun to be able to have family involved with Utah Football.  It adds to the football season and watching the games when you have someone specific, especially family, to watch.  I am proud of Jason and the hard work he has put in this last year getting ready to play at Utah.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Player's Wives-Coach's Wives Party

It is the end of this years two-a-day football practices for the players and coaches.  Sara Hill offered to have the Wives annual party at her home.  I brought the Pizza's, Salad's, and Cookies for dessert.  It is always a lot of fun to get to know the players wives better.  They are so cute and there are a few that are expecting babies this year.  Not all of the wives could come but we missed those who were not there.  We all just visited and found out something new about everyone there.
Front to back starting on the Left; Anne Petersen, Megan Fagergren, Ashley Brown (with baby), Jackilyn St. Pierre, Lyndi Duff, Helen Buchanan, Ashley Johnson, Arianne Murphy, Brittany Rogers, Suzie Silvestri, Jordan Andersen, Laurel Roderick, Timberly Sitake, Jessica Riley, Kristy Nelson, Megan Finn, Connie Corbett, Sara Hill, Generra Anderson, Jamie Whittingham.  Liz Scalley had to run before the picture with her 2 kids.  Ann Argust also left with her son.
Getting ready for the picture
Jordan Andersen, Arianne Murphy, Kristy Nelson, Anne Petersen

Anne Petersen, Brittany Rogers (Silvestri Baby), Lyndi Duff, Jackilyn St. Pierre

Timberly Sitake, Megan Finn, Ashley Johnson, Connie Corbett

Megan Fagergren, Ashley Brown (with daughter), Generra Andersen
I know that these pictures are not the best, really sorry.  The iphone photos don't always turn out, especially if I am moving or someone is talking or not ready for the picture to be taken.  Sorry girls!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall Camp 2012

I finally attended my first football practice for this fall.
It just happened to be a scrimmage at the stadium.
It was a hot summer morning, it is hard to think it is even close to fall.

 Kyle and players do interviews with the media after the scrimmage.
Kyle is in the middle of reporters
Back outside the training room, ice baths for the players.

It is the middle of 2-a-day practices.  If I want to see Kyle before bedtime
 then I come to the office or practice.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cousin's Party

Darsi is in town so the Daniels side decided to have a
girl cousin's get together.
April has the most beautiful yard you can imagine,
and a lovely home, so we gathered there.
Not everyone could come but,
we had a great visit.
It was so nice to talk, laugh, and do some
catching up on each others lives.
We need to make it an annual event.

Darsi, Jamie, Noelle, Kaylyn, and April
Beautiful set up out in April's garden