Tuesday, December 31, 2013

30 Year Wedding Anniversary/Laguna Beach

This year was the big "30th" wedding anniversary.  Kyle and I had already had a trip to New York by ourselves in the month of December so I decided to make it a family vacation.  Being together with my family is the thing that makes me the happiest so it was perfect!
Kyle told me to plan the trip so I thought it would be fun to go watch the San Diego Charger/Kansas City Chiefs play off game that was in San Diego on December 29th.
We stayed at Inn At Laguna Beach which was so beautiful we can't wait to go back!  
Happy 30th!
Melissa and Dawson's room was right next to ours

The weather was in the 70's with sunshine every day we were there
Heading to San Diego for the game
Eric Weddle plays for the San Diego Chargers and Sean Smith plays for the Kansas City Chiefs

Eric got Kyle and all the boys a pregame sidelines pass.
Eric, Kyle and Head Coach for the Chargers Mike McCoy who played QB at Utah

You could take a picture anywhere on the beach and it was beautiful

Melissa and Alex paddle boarding in freezing water (everyone was brave but me)

Dawson, Melissa, and Alex just paddle boarding in did not see this wave coming to knock them over

I really wanted a fire on the beach.  Thanks to the kids for going along!

View from our room
Did a lot of walking every day

The sun sets on one of the top family vacations we have had!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Every Christmas Eve, for the last 20 years the Whittingham family has performed the Nativity.  It has just been the past 4-5 years that we have performed for others.  The family has grown and the grand kids are older but they still love (are forced) to participate.  This year we did it on the 23rd of December to meet the schedule of the Care Center.

Post Nativity Family dinner at In and Out
On Christmas Eve the Whittingham Family plus my dad and brother Matt met for a Mexican Fiesta.

I went for a real tree this year and picked it out myself.  It was not a family favorite, 
I don't know why.

Tradition of coming down the stairs together
This year we went for a new tradition of less presents but a nice sit down breakfast.
We played a game we got for Christmas, Kylie hates to lose, Tyler rubs it in that he is winning.
After all that we went and did our traditional family workout at the football office.  It was another Christmas together!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New York, New York........

What a fun time to be in New York, it is December, Christmas time, no kids with us, and only one function to attend that is the reason for the trip,  The event was the American Football Coaches Foundation, 2013 CEO Coach of the Year.  Usually we would be at a Bowl game and not go to something like this.  Just grateful for the opportunity to go!
Phone calls and texts about recruiting never stop
 On our way!
The event was at the Waldorf-Astoria, how lucky we were to stay at the beautiful, historic hotel.

Lobby was so quiet at night when we checked in.

A Grand old Hotel
Hungry when we got there late.  This stand is open 24 hours I think.
Kyle never misses a workout so that is the first thing we do every morning

I order soup knowing what the sandwich looks like
The funny waitress with very sarcastic personality is there every time we go
Kyle did finish this, plus he ordered onion rings for us and the ladies at our table to share
Rockefeller Center
Never stops!



We had not been ice skating in years but when your in New York at Christmas time, well there are just things to do that take you back to when you were young.

You would never guess it but Kyle loves to go to Broadway plays