Friday, September 2, 2011

Utah vs Montana State Victory and FollowingTradegy

Utah 27  Montana State 10

The first game of the year always makes me nervous.  They look great at practice against each other, you don't know yet how the team will be against other teams.  This first game I also knew that President Uchtdorf of the 1st Presidency in the LDS church was coming with his wife to sit by me at the game.  I was nervous because I wonder what I would talk about or say for 3 hours or so.  So I was a bit distracted during the game until they left after the 3rd quarter.  We did win and it was a great experience!
Me, Sister Uchtdorf, President Uchtdorf, Melissa, Kylie, Dawson, and Helen

                                        President Uchtdorf, Me, Sister Uchtdorf

After the game we were home relaxing and Kyle got a phone call telling him the wife of one of his players, Ron Tongaonevai, had just been killed in an auto accident on the way home from the game, her name was Janelle Tongaonevai.  Coach Sitaki lives near where it happened and so he was on the scene helping Ron along with Chad Kauhaahaa who was the last person Ron had talked to on his phone.  Ron was in one car and Janelle and her little sister were following, police were chasing a car so they heard the sirens and Ron went through the intersection and pulled to the side while Janelle and her sister stayed at the light.  The driver turned at high speed and hit right into her car, killing her instantly and injuring her sister.  So, so sad, and such a tragedy for this beautiful couple who had just celebrated the 1 year wedding anniversary.  The whole staff, team, and community has felt sadness and have so much love for Ron.  I cannot even imagine how hard this must be for him.  Below is a picture of Janelle with some of the wives at the dinner at my home just 2 weeks before.

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  1. Thinking of them and keeping them in my prayers. I am sure she is watching over her husband.