Monday, September 19, 2011

Utah at BYU

Utah 54    BYU 10 

Well, I don't know where to begin......... Usually this is the last game of the year and the build up to it is usually huge.  I really think since I have been trying to live in the moment to enjoy life, and not look ahead at everything and be soooo stressed, that it has helped.  I did not think about the game until going into the stadium.  I don't listen to sports radio, watch TV or read the Newspaper.  
Kylie and I drove down to Provo to the team hotel to stay overnight with Kyle.  Alex rode the bus with Kyle and Tyler was on the traveling squad so he was there too.  Melissa and Dawson came down Saturday morning.  The team arrived late so they came in and had their hamburger "snack" then went to bed.  Fred, Sam, Cary, Trevor, Jason, Brady, and Alex were eating hamburgers.  Kylie and I went in to talk and had a bite of ice cream.
Kylie, Alex, Sam, Fred, Jason, Cary, and Brady.  Texting something important?
Saturday morning I went and took tickets to my Dad, Julie and Nancy, then I went to the mall with Helen.  I did not think too much about what I was wearing since most of my clothes are red or black, but walking around the mall I felt weird in my red with Utah on it and people were looking at me.  Helen remembered and just had on a black shirt.  I went to Shirley's Bakery and bought some Raspberry rolls to take home-yum, yum!
We got to the game pretty early and just watched the warm-ups on the field.  We had great corner end zone seats.
Dawson and Melissa
My personal body guard for the game, Jack.  Sad to think I was afraid at BYU but I was.
Melissa, Grandpa Phil, and Matt
Whittingham's seats, 22 in 17-you will understand those numbers if you are Whittingham
Tyler is #36
Fred, Tyler and Alex in the last few minutes of the game.  BYU fans gone!
The game is over!!
Kyle doing his post-game radio after midnight, longest game ever!
Enough said!
You would be surprised at 1:00 am how many BYU fans lingered at the In-and-Out Restaurant.  When Kyle arrived over half a dozen asked for their pictures to be taken with Kyle.  He would only do it if they flashed the "U" sign with their hands.  They all did, even some cheerleaders, who shall remain nameless to protect their identities.  I would not want them to get in trouble.
 Whittingham gathering and In-and-Out in Orem at 1:00 AM.

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