Friday, November 5, 2010

TCU Weekend

There was a great article in Sports Illustrated that talked about Kyle.  I thought the writer did a great job.

On Friday night Kylie and I went up and ate dinner at the hotel with Kyle, 2 Reps from Under Armour, and 3 of the military men for the Wounded Warrior project that was sponsored by UA.  The 3 men had been injured in a road bomb in Baghdad in 2005.  Several people with them died and they were critically injured.  Talking to them was heartbreaking.  It makes me so grateful for the sacrifices being made by all service men and their families.
Melissa came over to the hotel after the dinner. Kyle had an interview with Erin Andrews from College Game Day, who I am familiar with from watching Dancing with the Stars on TV last season.  So I wanted to meet her.  She was so incredibly nice and talked to Melissa and I for a while.  She showed us pictures on her iphone from Dancing with the Stars and told us a few stories from her experiences.  I asked her about different people on the show and she was so funny telling us different things.  She sent me a number from her cell phone of someone I could call Saturday morning if I needed any help at Game Day.  She said if I wanted tickets to DWTS (as she called it) then to call her. 

I don't know why I was not smiling more

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