Sunday, November 28, 2010


The week before the BYU-Utah game has become way too stressful.  So I decided to avoid all media or any conversations about the game. I cannot believe how fast the season has gone by.
With Thanksgiving just past, we had the family all in town for the game.  It was a very cold day for the game, I think in the 20's.  The game started at 1:30 and the skies were cloudy.   So we all came dressed warmly and had many blankets.
It was not the kind of game I enjoy.  Close games are way too stressful but I guess when you are the winner at the end, then the joy seems greater somehow.  Final Utah 17, BYU 16.
The game of football brings a lot of emotion to it, especially when you are a player, a coach, or family member of one of them.  When you are so involved with all of the hours, sweat, and heart put into a dream, it is hard to let go.  When this game ended, there was a player and a coach who had tears in their eyes, and not just from the joy of winning.  The player had to try to accept that he will never be able to play football again due to having too many concussions.  And a coach who is retiring will miss his associations with players and coaches, and the bonds that are made through all the time spent together.  It encompasses so much of your life in both joy and pain.  Every year there are players who graduate and move on that we will miss.
After the game, the family all went to PF Chang's then everyone came to our home.  We had dessert and re-watched parts of the game.  We watched the end and the celebration in slow-motion.  It was a great family time together.
Whittingham Family

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