Saturday, November 20, 2010

San Diego State

San Diego is always a fun place to visit.  Sara Hill came on this trip because she was unable to go on the official "wives trip" to Notre Dame.  So Sara, Helen, and members of Kyle's family were there also.  Kyle's brother, Brady, was already in California on business so he had a car.
Our group went to eat that night at Baja Fresh.  It is one of my favorite so I probably influenced that choice.  Then we just hung out at the hotel and visited with everyone.  The team was split between a movie in one room and football game playing in the room next to it.
The young cousins jumped in the hot tub fully clothed (of course).
The next morning we did not do much but relax around the hotel and prepare our rain gear, since it was supposed to rain the whole game (my favorite thing). Kyle's sister Julie, who used to live in the area, went and visited some her neighborhood friends and family before the game.

It did rain the whole game as predicted.  Our group just moved back under the over hang of seats that they have in that multilevel stadium. Grateful that no one came and kicked us out of them.
Eric and Chanel Weddle came to the game.  Eric went on the sidelines and Chanel came and sat by me.  They are so cute and still so supportive of their Utes.  It was great to see them
The game ended with Utah coming from being down to winning 38-34.
Kylie, Kristi, Kali's friend, Kali

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