Saturday, November 13, 2010

Notre Dame

The trip to Notre Dame was the "wives trip" (they get one free trip to go on a year).  My kids all decided to go since they had never been there.  So everyone was excited to go.  When we got there the team buses went straight to the stadium for a walk through.  The 3rd bus, which is the fan bus, went to Michigan City where everyone was going to stay in a hotel there.  This bus was for really anyone that was not part of the team, so that included all the wives, media people and administration that were there.  
Once we got there the wives went to lunch at the restaurant that was connected to the hotel.  Then those who wanted to went to the Outlet Mall that was 4 miles away.  The hotel shuttled us over, which was nice.  It was a very nice Outlet Mall and fun for those who like to shop (ie. me).
The team, coaches, and wives went to dinner at a restaurant called 'Hammers'.  They had so much food and a large variety of items that were served buffet style.  It was obviously good because I ate way to much!
Then we went to the movie 'Unstoppable' with Denzel Washington in it.  It was fast moving and I like Denzel so anything he is in I think is good.  The team is all required to go to the movie and all go to the same movie.  So it is kind of fun I think to be with everyone.
Dinner and a Movie with the Team (and Family)

On Saturday morning we left the hotel by 10:30 since we had the hour long bus ride.  It was interesting to me to find out that the teams always have police escorts to the stadium from whatever hotel they are at.  This was the first time I remember a helicopter escort along with the police cars.  The helicopter did not start in until we got into South Bend............. that I noticed anyway.   
The stadium holds 80,795 to be exact.  To keep with tradition they still have wooden benches and no Jumbo Tron.  I really missed the Jumbo Tron for replay purposes and since we were almost in the end zone it would have just helped in actually seeing the game.  It rained for most the game so the wooden seats were wet.  But other than that the stadium was impressive.
We took a tour of the campus and saw a short video on the history of the school before the game.  We saw the steeple of Scared Heart Basilica, the golden dome with its statue of the Virgin Mary, and we saw Touch down Jesus.  These are a few of the things that define Notre Dame.  There were a lot of people walking around touring the campus.  Many were wearing red but everyone was extremely nice.
Melissa and Kylie, Cancer Awareness and Survivor Tree
Notre Dame was very impressive and full of tradition.  It was a beautiful campus and a great experience going there.


  1. I love that there's a "wive's trip." I bet they love that -- the wives and the team! My Michael traveled to the game last weekend, and reported the same -- loved the tradition on campus, and got a little wet!

  2. I am so sad I missed all of that! It looks like it was an awesome trip...mostly I missed all the wives :(