Sunday, November 7, 2010

TCU Game Day

I don't feel much like writing anything, but someday I might want to look back on some of my various life experiences-the great ones and the hard ones and everything in between.  This whole week leading up to the TCU game had more stress than usual for me.  I certainly would not listen to sports radio-I don't know how they could think of what to say about Utah football for so many hours of the day.  Their job is to get reactions out of listeners, I don't need that! The newspaper, the TV, just everywhere I would turn.  Kyle had daily interviews from ESPN, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc.  So he definitely had a lot more things going on.
I went to Game Day with Kylie and Melissa.  Alex was there with his friends in the mass of people.  They camped in a tent somewhere up on campus.
It was my 2nd experience with game day, the first being at TCU last year.  They were very similar, except of course the fans!  You stand around a bit and cheer when the cameras come on.  We had a lot of fans there and they sounded great.  Kyle and his brother were a block or so away getting a work out in before the game and they said "the fans sounded like thunder" it was so loud!  It is a unique experience that does not come around often.
Leading up to the game was more stressful than usual with the increased ticket request on Kyle and I.  Well, he gets the requests mostly and I deliver them. So when the game finally starts and everyone has a seat it is a big relief!
I don't need to say much about the game except that it was a beautiful fall day with the temperature about 70.  We lost 47-7.  As difficult and disappointing as it is to the fans and players, no one can begin to understand what the head coach goes through in the privacy of his own mind.

Tyler and Kyle during TCU game

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