Sunday, September 9, 2012

Utah vs Utah State


"If you link your happiness to the whims of a game,
the odds of ever feeling truly happy are slim to none."

It's one thing to watch a game as a fan, but to actually be the wife of the coach is another.
No one can understand the stress on the wife of the Head Coach unless they have been one.
Adding to my usual duties of wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, etc, I have to enhance
my jobs of psychologist, motivator, listening ear, pep talker, and shoulder to lean on.
There is no time to think about the game last week (which is good)
and no time to think of the upcoming game (which is also good).
I usually touch up on my knowledge by re-reading articles and books I have saved
from past years. It is not easy to remember it all when you don't have to use to all the time.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Happy for No Reason
Think Like a Winner

 Coaches all respond differently to wins or losses.  With a win, Kyle never gets too confident,
and with a loss he takes it extremely hard.  He wants to win, not only for himself, but
for the coaches, for the players, for his family, and for the fans.  Kyle cares so much, and I
care about him.  I feel very lucky and have a great job being able to do what I can to help him.

Go Utes!!

Isn't he handsome!?


  1. You are amazing Jamie!! We were hurting hard for you guys this past weekend but I am definitely going to be rooting super hard that you guys take the frustration of last week and crush the cougars :) good luck and all our love to you guys... Lots of prayers continuing to come your way!! <3

  2. Jamie, The outcome will be much better this Saturday. I'm writing this post on my birthday, so it must come true. Go Utes. Beat those Cougars.

  3. Let's go UTES! That was a tough loss but let's bounce back and beat those Cougars.

  4. Amen! Thanks again, for everything! Xoxo

  5. You are AMAZING. We LOVE you and Coach Whitt more than I think you know ;) Good luck this season! We'll ALWAYS be UTE FANS!! Xoxoxoxoxo from the Asiata's!!