Sunday, September 16, 2012

Utah vs BYU--Rivalry


Wikipedia --A sports rivalry is intense competition between athletic teams or athletes. This pressure of competition is felt by players, coaches, and management, but is perhaps felt strongest by the fans.

I personally don't agree with Wikipedia.  I think the pressure is felt strongest by the coaches, the families of the coaches.  Our husband's have been sleeping at the office and working over their already over time, which means too much time.  Again, they want to win for themselves, the players, the fans, their schools, their families.
Then when you have the local rivalry, you have to hear about the results for a long time!

I am just glad it is over for the year!  At least several years to be exact!
Go Utes!!

Whittingham's Tailgating
Ute Walk
Pregame Warm Up

Grandma Nancy would never show up without the headdress, family watching during a time out, Rachel and Kylie, Kyle with his Mom in full Ute gear.
I get my own security these days.  He is not much when I am in my seat, but he kept checking on me and was great after the game.

The game is not over yet!  Kyle heading to the line referee.
It is finally over.
No comment necessary.
 Now it is time for the rest of the season...........


  1. adorable picture of you and Kyle at the end! What a game. Also love the picture of Kyle and Grandma Nancy. I don't know how you all stand it. I am just the neighbor across the street and I feel it so strongly!

  2. That last picture is the cutest thing of my life. So glad they pulled off the win!! Meant to be :)