Sunday, September 23, 2012

Utah vs Arizona State


I was really looking forward to this game because my brother Patrick and his family live in 
Mesa, Az., and my dad and oldest brother Matt, were flying down to see the game and visit Patrick.
Also my kids were coming on the trip.  Having family around makes life better.
We are lucky to go with the team on the charter.
Kylie, Melissa, and Dawson
I wanted to laugh out loud when I saw this hotel worker holding my name up.
Dawson, Helen, Melissa, Kylie walked across the street to shop and eat.
We walked across the street to shop at this nice outdoor mall with misters that 
help cool you down.  Since it was 100 degrees this was a great feature.
We ate at the Cheesecake Factory at the Mall.
The team went to their dinner, meetings, movie, and dinner while we were out and about.
scenes from the game
Melissa, Kylie, Helen, Timberly, and me
My dad reading over the program at the game.
The end result for the game was kind of shocking, we hoped to win, of course.  ASU ran away with the game from the beginning.  It was not a good game for our team.  They work so hard, 
it is hard to know what happens in a game like that, where nothing goes right.
Loving that the BYE week is coming and we get some time to regroup and heal.

Jamie, Matt, Patrick, friend, Cody, Alex, Shelly, Melissa, Dawson, Grandpa Phil
Heading to the airport, then home....

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