Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

We figured over dinner that we had spent 34 Valentine Day's together, that is a lot!  Neither one of us is really big into Valentines but we did go to dinner.  I just wanted a Salmon taco from Cafe Rio.  We did not want to wait in line at a restaurant.  Kylie was at home sick so I did not want to be gone long.  Cafe Rio was pretty crowded.  After we ordered and were watching them prepare our food through the glass Kyle said "Notice how the worker just wiped the counter with a dirty rag and now was making our food in the same gloves."  He almost ruined the meal for me.  I would never have paid attention to something like that, but he does.
After our dinner we went to Smith's grocery store to get some ice cream.  When we were leaving the parking lot (we were in Kyle's truck), Kyle heads over to the giant mounds of snow so he can spend 5 minutes 4-wheeling over them.  He has loved to do that since he could drive.  Any mound of snow anywhere, or any puddle of water just attracts him and he can't help himself.  We almost got high centered on this hard, old pile of snow but that did not stop him from enjoying himself!
These are the good old days! We had been dating since 1976.  Where has the time gone?
Kyle 1977
Jamie 1981

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