Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

The opportunity came up for Kyle and I go to the Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, on Feb 6, 2011.  Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers.  Through Under Armour the plane tickets were free and our hotel was free.  Kyle and Alex went to the Super Bowl last year but I had never been.  
Friday night Kyle and I went to an ESPN party, Kyle had to walk the red carpet they had going in, it was  kind of funny to me.  I did not recognize anyone at the party but Kyle saw some former Pro players and a former team mate of his from the USFL.  Urban Myer was there so we talked to him for a while..  Kid Rock started playing late so we only stayed for one song.  Others in our group went on to another party until 4 am, much, much too late for us.
Kid Rock
Saturday we just worked out at the hotel and I had a nice facial at the Spa there, thanks to Under Armour.  Then we went to dinner with a group of Under Armour people.  Auburn head coach Gene Chizick was also with us and Auburn's AD.  We went to eat at a restaurant named Campisi. On the eve of the Kennedy assassination Jack Ruby, who killed LeeHarvey Oswald, dined at the Original Campisi Restaurant.  There is a lot of history around the Dallas area.
Sunday we left about 5 hours before the Super Bowl was supposed to start.  It was a drive from where we stayed and we went to the NFL Pregame Tailgate party.
There was so much food at the NFL tailgate party.  Notice I focused on the sweets.  The picture does not do the whole things justice! They also had Keith Urban playing and Maroon 5.  There were other groups playing that I did not know.  
I had a few to many of those yummy caramel mini cupcakes.  (Being mini makes you think you can eat a lot of them to make one big one.)
Maroon 5
We went into the game at least an hour early and just watched the warm ups of both teams.
It was a great experience!  The worst part was leaving stadium and waiting in the cold rain for a shuttle to the parking lot where the bus was.  That was a 3 hour ordeal, so not so fun!  We were cheering for the Steelers because there were 2 former players from Utah.  They lost 31-25, but it was great to see Sylvester Stevenson play, along with Chris Kemoeatu.          

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