Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Teenager in the House

Happy Birthday to Kylie!  It is official our baby girl is now a teenager!
She started out the day by going to breakfast with Melissa and Alex at Karl's Cafe, then the girls went shopping for clothes.
She had a birthday party at the University of Utah today. She planned this all herself, it was in the indoor practice facility and around Kyle's office.  There were 13 girls and they played games, had pizza and cake, and watched a movie.  It lasted almost 7 hours, way over the limit we gave her.  Our family, plus Dawson and Gael, turned out to help her with the games, and I always appreciate the family support!
Tyler is chasing Alex, we actually played Duck, Duck, Goose
Relay races
Opening of Gifts
Red Velvet Cake

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