Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holiday's 2010

It is great to have Tyler and Melissa at home for the holidays.  I miss having everyone under the same roof all the time.  I always spend the last minute before Christmas getting the shopping done; maybe some year I will overcome that.  On Christmas Eve we all went to Brady’s house for the annual Nativity reenactment and dinner.  My dad, Matt and Christy joined us.  Dinner was Potluck.
Tyler was not sure he wanted to dress up for the Nativity but everyone told him that until he was married he had to participate, so he did.
Nativity 2010
Nativity 2010
Christmas morning Kylie was the first one up at about 9:00 am.  So we woke everyone up and got started.  
Kyle Christmas Gift
Tyler Christmas Gift
Melissa Christmas From Kylie
Alex Beatles Gift
Kylie Christmas Gift
 After all the gifts are opened and the Rich Family Sticky Buns devoured (two trees this year), and so we do our annual go up to the office and work out and sauna.  Everyone usually goes in the past but I think Tyler and Melissa skipped out this year.  Times are a changing that is for sure!  It was a great Christmas overall!  We are very blessed!!

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