Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December as usual

Well the regular football season has come to a close, ahhhh!  Now Kyle is busy with recruiting, practicing and planning for the Las Vegas Bowl.  I don't see him a whole lot more than the regular season.
When it comes to Christmas shopping for family and friends and decorating the home for the holidays, I am in charge.  Kyle abhors shopping of any kind, he always has.  So in all ways good and bad, I get to do it all myself.  As long as it is not overdone he has no criticism of what I do.  He is too busy to help anyway.  The crowds over the weekend were awful so I have resorted to online shopping the past few days.  To try and simplify things for myself I am going by the following moto this year:

.Something they want
.Something they need
.Something to wear
.Something to read

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