Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 27th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Kyle and I today.  The years have flown by and the kids are almost all grown up.  It went to fast!  Many times over the years we have celebrated at various Bowl Games.  This year our Bowl and Christmas were both over.  So we went to the new Reese Witherspoon movie.  Not so good movie but Kyle enjoyed watching Reese. 
We went to dinner at Market Street Grill by our house.  I am watching my weight so I did not have too much.  Then we went up to the Marriott hotel where the team stays when in town.  Kyle got us a room but we were unsure of if we would make it all night with Kylie home alone and Alex having a curfew.  So we ended up staying a few hours then of course had to head home.
It was another great anniversary!
Before going out to dinner

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