Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colorado State

I get so stressed for every game.  I kept hearing on the radio that this should be an easy win for Utah against Colorado State but I never think that.  It seems as soon as you think that then you get beaten.  Kyle is good at motivating the players.  But I can never stop myself from reminding him to not let them relax.  He just looks at me like-"Okay, I never thought of that". 
The weather for Saturday was rainy and cold.  The rain is the worst because it just seeps through any crack in you rain gear.  It rained starting 40 minutes before the game and continued until half time.  Like a dummy I ran to my chair as soon as it started to rain to get my gear on.  The smart thing to do would have been to stay in the Crimson Club room where it was warm and dry.
Kylie stayed home for a dress up Halloween party.  It was hard for her to decide but she chose her friends.  I just kept texting her the score.  
Alex wore his lucky shorts and a light jacket.  I gave him some plastic long pants and a jacket that were rain gear.  He put them on and looked funny.  But it kept him dry anyway.
Alex in the middle with rain gear.
We beat Colorado State 59 to 6.  Tyler plays on the kick off team so he had a lot of plays.  He was double teamed almost every time.
Melissa brought her friend Dawson.  And I sat by my usual game buddy-Helen.  She came in looking like an Eskimo. But at least she stayed warm.  
It was so wet and rainy that I did not even get my camera out.  So these are from online.  
Kyle Coaching on sidelines
Kyle Coaching in the rain
Rainbow during the gane

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