Monday, November 4, 2013

Ute Cross Fit

In October of 2011 I started going to Cross Fit with a couple of the other coach's wives.
If I think of going to a class I want to opt out, fake sickness, fake an injury, or think of any other excuse.   It is a love/hate relationship for sure!  I have surprised myself that I still go at all.  Sara Hill has been my biggest inspiration. Just knowing she is going to be there expecting me to come, gets me out the door.


March 2012
Morgan Scalley, Jay and Sara Hill, Jamie and Kyle.  Coaches have made it a time or two.
Yes, I still use a band for pull ups

Love to go to lunch with Sara and her cute kids, Jacob and Allie.  So blessed with her example in all she does.

A few samples of a WOD
I have gotten stronger in the two years I have been going.  I have lost and gained weight, just because I eat too many treats.  Sara has lost weight and looks so good.  I am the oldest by many years in any of the classes I attend.  Kyle did not think I would last a month, so I am pretty proud of my self that after 2 years I still make it 3 days a week. 

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