Sunday, November 17, 2013

Utah @ Oregon

This trip to the Oregon game was the wives trip.  My favorite away game of the year.
Plus all my kids came except Kylie (cheerleader for Brighton High School). Kyle's brothers 
came also, so we had great support with us.  Football gives us many opportunities to bond with
our family and friends.
Charter to Oregon
Alex, Melissa and Dawson
Great room treats
Me, Jen Shaw, Helen Buchanan, Ashley Johnson, Brandie Rudy, x, x, Jordan Andersen, Liz Scalley, Timberly Sitake, Sara Hill, Viola Tuiake
Went for a beautiful walk by the hotel in the morning before we left for the game
Jen, Sara, Me, Ashley at pregame party
Alex, Jackson, Dawson

Post game media setup
Players come out of locker room and grab a meal to take on the bus
Players handing in pads and jerseys as they leave locker room

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