Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arizona State @ Utah

Brothers meet for pregame moment
Kalani Sitake giving defensive a pep talk

Sgt. Kendall Black waits to surprise his wife and family at half time


           Utah Soldier Surprises Family
This was so fun to watch Sgt. Black wait for the half-time entertainment to be over so 
he could run and out surprise his wife.  It brought tears to my eyes. 

Kylie and Jacob Hill having some fun during the game.  Jacob loved to come and sit with her.
Alex is all geared up for the game.

Kyle and Coach Jay Hill getting ready for some special teams play
Nephew Jason Whittingham in post game press conference
The game was played on my dad's 85th Birthday. 
How many people does it take to jump my car?

  The game was over and all the media reporting is done, by then everyone has been long gone.  I go out to my car and the battery is DEAD!  I don't know how this could happen but it did nonetheless.  So Kyle has 2 security police with him and I have 1 with me, we have several adult male family members and a few straggling fans in the parking lot, and with all of us, we could not figure out how to charge the battery on a Mercedes.  Just what everyone needs after a disappointing loss.  It turns out the Mercedes hides the car battery behind and under the passenger seat.

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