Monday, October 28, 2013

Utah @ USC


This week going to USC I was happy because all my kids came with us. It was a very short trip since we played early on Saturday, we leave the hotel with the team 2 1/2 hours early.  We arrived Friday night at dinner time. The team stayed at the hotel and watched a movie there and had their meetings.

Helen and I visited with 2 of the kickers, Andy Phillips and Tom Hackett for an hour between their meetings.  What great young men they are.  That was fun getting to know them better.
I always think having a police escort where ever the team goes is pretty cool.
Tailgate with Sam, Tyler, Alex, Melissa, Dawson, Ashley, and Kylie
At the Utah tailgate with Dawson, Melissa, Alex, Helen, Me, Tyler, Sam, and Cary
Alex sat by me for part of the game

I think that look says a lot.

Game over
View from our lovely seats. And yes that usher stood there the whole time along with people going up and down stairs.
Patrick came with his family to cheer on the Utes.  Alex, Patrick, Shelly and Cody.
Sam and Fred right behind us on the quiet plane ride home

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