Monday, October 21, 2013

Utah @ Arizona


It was a pretty nice week after the win over Stanford.  Everything is always better when you win!
The weather has been beautiful and I am really enjoying fall.
Tyler and Kylie came on the trip to Arizona with me and the team.  I love it when the kids go with me.  There were also a couple coach's wives who came that cannot come on the main wives trip to Oregon.  My brother, Patrick, lives in Mesa, Arizona so he drove over to see the game also.

Team plane to Arizona
Tucson out our bedroom window
Brian Johnson, Helen, Morgan Scalley with the players at the movie.
Jeff amd Brandie Rudy, Timberly and Kalani Sitake
14 people stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes.  It got really steamy in there.
Kylie, Helen, and I found a mall of course!
Fan bus ride to the stadium
Warm up
Timberly Sitake, Brandie Rudy, Leata Elisaia, Helen, Kylie
My brother Patrick is a big Utah fan!
This was my view of the game all night.  Visitor section seats stink!

The plane ride home is quiet as you would expect after a loss. We did not get home until almost 4:00 in the morning so most people slept.  They wake up tomorrow and start the process all over again. @USC next Saturday.

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