Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weber State @ Utah


I have been enjoying the win against Utah State last week and hoping the Utes do not let up for Weber State.  There were a lot of games last week where the team that was favored to win was very disappointed.  Coming to this game I still had my anxious feeling I always get before a game.  It was a great game, my favorite kind, a blow out.  
Pre-game Alex Whittingham #47
 Tyler in mist.
I don't know what the temperature was at the start of the game but it got to 90 degrees with full sun on us!

Kylie with her friend Brikelle
Uncle Freddie

Jay Hill  coaching kick off  team

Ken Lowry, Alex, Cary, Jason
Melissa and Dawson
 It was great to feel relaxed by half time when the score was 49-0.  The the coaches seemed to relax a little during the last half of the game too.  We were able to see a lot of new players in the second half get a chance to play.

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