Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oregon State @ Utah


There is a fine line between elation and misery/winning and losing. For Utah this week we received the losing/misery combination.  Down to the wire with an overtime is one of my least favorite scenarios. It makes for an entertaining game and is great if you get the winning/elation ending.

This week was homecoming so Melissa was able to come back and cheer with the group she cheered with, doing the school song before the game began.  She tried a few of her old stunts she used to do and she still has what it takes!

Alex looks great in all the right gear

Dawson and Melissa

#53 Jason Whittingham had a really great game
It even rained on us but Helen and I were prepared!
 Losing a football game is heartbreaking.  This was a good game and one play could of changed the outcome.  Being part of the Utah Football family and so emotionally involved somehow makes it hurt more.

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