Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colorado at Utah

Utah 14  Colorado 17      

This was the last game of the regular season, the last home game of the year.  We were expected to win this game but did not play as expected.  It is heart breaking to lose a game.  To some fans or people outside of sports it may seem like just a football game.  No one on the outside can really understand all the hours put into film, practice, film, meetings, film.........Sometimes they don't have time to come home.
For those late nights.
On nights when work went very late, Kyle would sleep right here.  Alex would come up and sleep on the couch on those nights.  He would watch film with Kyle and spend what extra time they could before Alex went on his mission. They would lay there in the dark and listen to Twilight Zone Episodes on the radio as they fell asleep. 
Before the game started, the Seniors were announced and the parents of the players were on the field.  Tyler is a senior and came out when they announced his name.  We are so proud of him, for how hard he has worked to be part of the team.  It has been so fun watching him on the kick off team during the games.  And it has been a great experience for Kyle and Tyler to work together.  
Tyler running on to the field for the last time.

Tyler giving me a hug before the game.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year was a little different.  It was the day before game day for Kyle so he had to spend the evening at the Hotel with the team.  
They had a Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel so we went to eat with Kyle and the team.
Melissa and I at the Hotel for the Thanksgiving meal

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Utah at Washington State

Utah 30  Washington State 27

The trip to this game became a brother's trip for Kyle.  Fred had never been on a road trip with the team, Brady and Cary both have.   They all came and had a great time.
Dinner on arrival at hotel.  Kyle, Cary, Brady, Fred.
The weather forecast was for cold and snow, so I brought all my best Under Armour stuff, snow pants and all.  It was snowing when we arrived and continued off and on until the game was over.  I don't know if I have ever had that much snow pile up on me as I sat there.  So it snowed pretty hard the second half of the game.
Helen, Brittany, Kris, Jamie-very prepared for snow.
Tyler #36 on kickoff
Tyler #36 another kickoff in 2nd half
Luckily we were prepared, it did not feel cold at all
It was a great trip for the brothers!
 Everything is better when you win!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Say Good Bye, New Zealand Says Hello

On October 26th Alex left home to enter the MTC in Provo, on November 14 he left the MTC,  he is on his way to New Zealand.  I think Missions are such a mixed blessing.  What a great service for Alex to leave home for 2 years to go and Serve the Lord, but oh how we miss each other!  Two years just seems like such a long time when it is looming before you.  We look forward to every letter and every phone call from him.  He loves Max, he is 12 years old and Alex hopes he will still be alive when he gets home, they are having a few words before he leaves.
Alex and Max, talking it over.
Kyle, Alex, Jamie saying goodbye
Last time together for a few years.  Melissa, Alex, Kylie, and Tyler
Alex and Tyler with the MTC District 8
Elders on their way, SLC Airport
Alex with Mission President and his wife in Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday, November 13, 2011

UCLA comes to Utah

Utah 31  UCLA 6      

After 5 rainy games last season I can handle a few snowy ones this year.  Sitting in the rain is the worst!  So it was cold but I came with hand warmers in tow.  With this win, we became Bowl eligible for the 9th straight season, our first with the PAC-12.  I miss seeing Alex on the sidelines.   He had his usual corner by the team where he would stand, his lucky spot.
Kyle would rather be wearing his shorts.
After singing 'Utah Man', Kyle High-5's the Muss fans.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Utah at Arizona

Utah 34  Arizona 21  

We went to Tucson for the Arizona game.  My brother Patrick and his family drove from Mesa over to the game. We don't get to see them often enough.  They are great Utah Fans,  love the family support we get!
Shelly, Demi, Alex, Cody, and Patrick
Utes Pre-Game
Helen with me in Tucson.  It was a little chilly, plus we are whimps!
After every game, win or lose, the team comes to the fans in the stadium and sings the Utah Man song.