Sunday, November 20, 2011

Utah at Washington State

Utah 30  Washington State 27

The trip to this game became a brother's trip for Kyle.  Fred had never been on a road trip with the team, Brady and Cary both have.   They all came and had a great time.
Dinner on arrival at hotel.  Kyle, Cary, Brady, Fred.
The weather forecast was for cold and snow, so I brought all my best Under Armour stuff, snow pants and all.  It was snowing when we arrived and continued off and on until the game was over.  I don't know if I have ever had that much snow pile up on me as I sat there.  So it snowed pretty hard the second half of the game.
Helen, Brittany, Kris, Jamie-very prepared for snow.
Tyler #36 on kickoff
Tyler #36 another kickoff in 2nd half
Luckily we were prepared, it did not feel cold at all
It was a great trip for the brothers!
 Everything is better when you win!

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