Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Say Good Bye, New Zealand Says Hello

On October 26th Alex left home to enter the MTC in Provo, on November 14 he left the MTC,  he is on his way to New Zealand.  I think Missions are such a mixed blessing.  What a great service for Alex to leave home for 2 years to go and Serve the Lord, but oh how we miss each other!  Two years just seems like such a long time when it is looming before you.  We look forward to every letter and every phone call from him.  He loves Max, he is 12 years old and Alex hopes he will still be alive when he gets home, they are having a few words before he leaves.
Alex and Max, talking it over.
Kyle, Alex, Jamie saying goodbye
Last time together for a few years.  Melissa, Alex, Kylie, and Tyler
Alex and Tyler with the MTC District 8
Elders on their way, SLC Airport
Alex with Mission President and his wife in Auckland, New Zealand

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