Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colorado at Utah

Utah 14  Colorado 17      

This was the last game of the regular season, the last home game of the year.  We were expected to win this game but did not play as expected.  It is heart breaking to lose a game.  To some fans or people outside of sports it may seem like just a football game.  No one on the outside can really understand all the hours put into film, practice, film, meetings, film.........Sometimes they don't have time to come home.
For those late nights.
On nights when work went very late, Kyle would sleep right here.  Alex would come up and sleep on the couch on those nights.  He would watch film with Kyle and spend what extra time they could before Alex went on his mission. They would lay there in the dark and listen to Twilight Zone Episodes on the radio as they fell asleep. 
Before the game started, the Seniors were announced and the parents of the players were on the field.  Tyler is a senior and came out when they announced his name.  We are so proud of him, for how hard he has worked to be part of the team.  It has been so fun watching him on the kick off team during the games.  And it has been a great experience for Kyle and Tyler to work together.  
Tyler running on to the field for the last time.

Tyler giving me a hug before the game.

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