Friday, October 21, 2011

The Tale of the Tail

Many people wondered why Alex had this emotional attachment to a piece of his hair.  The story begins with his senior year of football, the first game of the year.  Ten plays into the game and Alex plants his foot wrong and tears the ACL of his left knee.  Alex had cut his hair the night before the game.  He had surgery on his knee and did his rehab.  He let his hair grow during his whole senior year, and the year after.  Not many people liked it, but him.  He began to have an emotional attachment to his hair when he thought about the last time he cut it.  We wanted him to cut it, pleaded for him to cut it. He really struggled to let go of that piece of hair.  He looks so much better with it short.  Hair is just hair.  We saved that piece of hair........
Alex with long hair
Alex getting a hair cut
Alex hair cut but still has tail
The Tail
Going to the temple, tying to cut the "tail"
Kyle takes over the cutting of the tail
There it is, that hair has been with Alex through a lot of good and bad times
This is it then
Let's get on with it then.  Going to the temple.


  1. wow i would have never known. now I wish he had kept it!! what a sweet story, thanks for sharing, jamie! <3

  2. Our kids sure can give us memories that are touching for them and us...the kinda stuff we always treasure and make us smile on the inside!

  3. He put that crusty piece of hair into a box and took it with him to New Zealand. Should have left it home where it won't get lost along with many other things in his care.