Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Whole Day Off for Kyle

Today we had the pleasure of Kyle being with us all day today.  The Utes just finished their two-a-day practices for this fall season.  The 18 hour days for 2 weeks is very draining on the coaching staff, players and their families.  So it should get a lot better compared to that.
Coaching at Practice

 Kyle talking with the Team

We went down to Pleasant Grove this morning to hear Jason Whittingham give his mission homecoming talk.  Then we went to Lynita's house to have some great food she had prepared for everyone.  Trevor came home a month ago,  so it is nice to have them all home together.
Trevor with our family at  the airport
Jason with our Family at the airport
Drew and Ruth came by Lynita's house (they live close by) so they could tell us good bye.  They are leaving for Ohio tomorrow and will be living there.  I always hate to say good bye.  Their little family is so cute and Dustin is the cutest little boy I have seen in a long time.  Ruth is really good at blogging and I love reading her adventures.  So I will still be able to follow their family that way.  We will miss having them close by.
Dustin, Ruth and Drew Dowling

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  1. awww jamie, thanks for the shout out!!! you know we love you guys too much and hated to say goodbye. but we will always be family :) so I'm sure there will be some reason to see you again soon! love love love you aunt jamie!!! you will always have some serious love coming from the buckeye state!!!! <3