Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Sunday Evening Together

Today Kyle had to go and record his TV show for tonight but other wise we had a great day.  With Tyler, Alex and Kyle together they decided we should go to Brighton High School and hit some baseballs.  Melissa and Dawson were with his family for dinner so they were not there.  For the rest of us, it was like old times.  I have shagged many baseballs over the years as the boys take turns hitting to the out field.  When the boys were younger and playing baseball, we would do this every Sunday.  It is one of my favorite memories. Tyler had 2 home runs and Alex had 4, so they were hitting pretty well.  It was a beautiful evening. 
Kyle hitting fly balls to Tyler and Alex
Kyle, Tyler, and Alex picking up all the baseballs 

 Tyler catching Kyle's pop-ups

 Alex running to catch Kyle's pop-up
Kylie and Alex running to catch the pop-up

Tyler pitching to Alex

Kyle, Alex, Kylie, and Tyler getting water at Brighton Baseball Field

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