Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tyler Through The Years

Our cute little guy, Tyler, has been fully grown for a long time now.  Today he is 26 years old........... where does the time go?   Don't let that sweet, young, innocent face fool you, by 10 years of age he had things all figured out.  Tyler knows just how to hit my buttons to tease me, pull all kind of jokes on me, and make me go a little bit crazy.  I think it has been one of his favorite things to do since he figured out just what would work.  I was so gullible, I fell for his jokes every time, which I am sure is why he got so much joy out of it.  Tyler is a hard worker.  He helped his dad put in a whole yard and sprinkler system when he was just 8 years old, working 9 hours a day.  He loves boating and worked hard on learning how to do a flip on the wake board with our old boat that didn't have a tower and  had a huge wake.  He loves football and has worked hard since he was a boy to always do his best and play in little league, high school, and college.  He worked hard for 2 years serving the people of Brazil and teaching the gospel on his mission.  We love you Tyler and are so proud of the great person you have become.
        Tyler and Grandpa Fred in their tuxes

Melissa, Tyler and Grandpa Fred

March 1992
Tyler, Melissa, and Alex Lake Mead 2000
Kyle and Tyler road their bikes to Snowbird without stopping when Tyler was 16 years old
Tyler doing his flip
Kyle and Tyler after Brighton game Senior Game
Kyle and Tyler before mission

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  1. What a beautiful family. You're so blessed! Thank you for following my page :)