Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Engagement

The past few months have been spent preparing for our fist wedding in our family.  The memories from my own wedding preparations have blurred into a nice, sweet, easy time in my mind.  It was very low stress for me, I wish my mother was here for me to ask her what she remembered about it.  With Melissa finishing up Nursing School at the U of U, it was more stressful for her and required a bit more from me.  She was able to complete school, go through graduation, study for the State Board Nursing Test and pass, prepare for the wedding and have some great wedding showers.  We also took the family and Dawson to Hawaii for 10 days before the wedding, so I think we did pretty good in keeping the stress down.  Making decisions is not Melissa's favorite thing so just doing that every day was the hardest part.  We had wonderful friends who we relied upon to help us with many of the decisions and preparations.  Could not have done it without them!

Engagement Pictures

Hours spent on the internet looking up wedding ideas

Nursing Graduation-Big Accomplishment

Hawaii with the Whittingham's

Wedding Showers

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  1. You all did a fabulous job on the wedding. I'm so impressed with Missy and everything she accomplished in what seemed like so little time, and the way she handled everything with grace, and didn't let the stress show. She must get that from you! It was so nice to get to know you and your family a little better during the short time I was in town visiting.