Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 weeks vacation-1st stop is Paradise

Kyle gets 4 weeks of vacation a year, they happen to come all in a row, which is nice for a summer vacation. So football camps end and Kyle's vacation starts ticking away.
Melissa is getting married on July 21st, so that has put a few restrictions for the summer plans, but in a good way.
Maui is our favorite place to relax if we can get there. If Kyle is far away, so he can't go by the office, then that is the best way to get him to relax. Flying that long is the only negative. We brought Dawson along with us, Melissa would not leave home without him. We are lucky to have some great friends who let us stay in their house while we are here.
Kyle, Alex, and Tyler ready for the beach
Beach and jumping rock
Favorite shave ice
Kyle has a former player and some connections that help too. Cawicka Casco took the kids spear fishing again this year.  Dawson, Melissa, and Tyler went,  we dropped them off with Cawicka and his friends. They snorkled with their spears about a mile down the beach.  Melissa hated it because it was very deep and the gear was hurting her nose,  just kind of miserable.  Dawson and Tyler loved it, Cawicka speared an Octopus.
On their way to spear fish
Tyler fishing with spear
On the beach with Casco's

  Poolside reading

Road to Hana

Waterfall on Road to Hana

Church in Maui

Alex's favorite pastime (notice phone near by)

Melissa and Dawson on our yearly blow-hole visit
Melissa, Dawson, and Alex all performing at Luau
Tyler and Dawson challenged people on the beach in volleyball

Melissa and Dawson Snorkling
Kylie and I in the local pool

Water Volleyball-Kyle, Melissa and Dawson
Alex and Tyler playing water volleyball

Melissa, Dawson, and Kylie para sailing
Those are my feet on the left and Kyle's on the right, 1200 feet in the air.  This proves I did it!
Alex and Kylie para sailing!
The whole trip was great!  We played Yahtzee every night and had great dinners and time to visit.  We were gone for 10 days getting mentally prepared for the wedding that is 11 days after we get home.  This was Kyle's only real break all year, we are grateful to former players, friends and their friends for making the vacation so wonderful!

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