Saturday, May 3, 2014

Family Spring Skiing Day

The opportunities to go skiing this year are dwindling down due to the warmer weather.  Kyle
decided we all needed to go one last time together.  It was 80 degrees at our home and 15 minutes
 up on the mountain it was in the 50's.  Spring skiing is my personal favorite.The sun was
shinning and it was a beautiful day!

Fred modeling his spring ski outfit
Alex, Kyle, Me, Kylie
Tyler, Kali, Kylie, Alex
Kylie, Dawson, Alex, Melissa
Kyle, Fred, Tyler
Me and Julie
Kali, Julie, Fred, Tyler, Alex, Kyle, Melissa, Dawson, and Kylie
Kylie, Kali, Tyler, Fred Alex, and Dawson
Alex. Melissa, and Tyler
Melissa and Alex each had bad wipe outs that worried me but turned out to be fine.  It is so much fun skiing with my family.  Good skiers or better skiers, we all stay together going down the hill.  Those speedsters are so nice to wait for cautious ones like me!  What a fun day!!!

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