Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Day in Paradise


We were so lucky to take a few days and go to Bermuda.  Our neighbor when we were growing up is the General Manager at a beautiful resort there.  So we took him up on his invitation to come for a visit.  Neither Kyle nor I had been there, but can’t wait until we can return.  My temperature comfort zone, at least Kyle tells me, is 67-74 degrees so it was the perfect place for me!  We had no specific schedule; we rented a scooter and went all over the island stopping when and wherever we wanted.  Kyle was really able to relax and we enjoyed every moment!

 Day 1
Alex dropped us off at the airport
Our first view of Bermuda
Our cute little cottage

 Day 2

Our first view out our patio in the morning
 Breakfast every morning
Loving the scooter ride
We stopped at Pompano Beach Club, it was an amazing view
Sharing a salad before we went and walked around the beach below
We found an 18th Century Grave Yard where we walked around and read interesting headstones.
So many head stones telling how these young men died.  It was very interesting.
Everywhere we stopped was another beautiful spot to see!
We got back late from our adventures from the day so we ordered some room service, it was delicious!
Day 3

After Kyle finished golfing we went swimming, and soaked up the sun

Kyle looking great at 54 years of age, farmer's tan and all!
Beach hopping, they were all so beautiful
A nice lady offered to take our picture, too bad I had my eyes closed!

Kyle waiting while I check out a beach
I was so mad I forgot my GoPro waterproof camera but who needs that when these beautiful fish are so close!
The end of another beautiful day and fun times on the scooter. This is front side of our cottage. 
Just waiting to watch the sun set together

Day 4

Kyle was going to go golfing with our host, Clarence Hofheins at Port Royal golf course which is next to the Pompano Beach Resort, it was so pretty so I just had them drop me off and of course Clarence introduce me to the General Manager there so I would not be kicked out while waiting.
They went golfing and I had a great lunch with a beautiful view.


Golf course was beautiful 

I walked all the way to the left , following the coast, the water was only to top of my thighs.  Clearest water!

(I made him do this picture)
Our last night there we had dinner at the resort with Clarence, his wife and daughter.  It was so nice to talk about many of our memories of growing up together as neighbors.  Those where wonderful times growing up in Provo.  The vacation was so great and relaxing.  We both look forward to returning!!


  1. The last picture is the cutest!

    Brains, Beauty & Basketball

  2. Ok that last picture should probably be framed in your home. Adorable! Also you look amazing in that bikini! I hope I can rock a bikini someday